English Language Tenses: Mastering the Key to Effective Communication

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Our comprehensive “English Tenses Training Program” is designed to help you master the fundamental tenses in English. This training covers the following tenses: Simple Present, Present Continuous, Present Perfect, Simple Past, Past Continuous, Past Perfect, and Future.

Participants in this training will learn how to use each tense correctly to express events and facts in the appropriate time frame. A thorough explanation of each tense will be provided, along with the relevant grammar rules and sentence structures.

The training includes interactive exercises and practical activities to practice using the tenses in sentences and short texts. Real-life examples will be given to illustrate their usage in dialogues and everyday situations.

By completing this training, you will acquire the following skills: the ability to express events and facts in the correct timeframe, an understanding of the differences between different tenses, and the ability to use tenses accurately in writing and conversation.

Whether you are a beginner or an advanced English learner, this training will help you enhance your language skills and expand your temporal vocabulary. Upon completion, you will be able to confidently and flexibly use English tenses, improving your overall English communication abilities.

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What Will You Learn?

  • -Distinguish between the different tenses and use them correctly in a sentence.
  • -Learn all the aspects of Tenses.
  • -Learn the relationship between sentenses.

Course Content


  • المضارع البسيط (Simple Present)
  • Simple Present Quiz
  • الماضي البسيط (Simple Past)
  • Past simple Quiz
  • المضارع المستمر (Present Continuous)
  • The present continuous Quiz
  • الماضي المستمر (Past Continuous)
  • Past Continuous Quiz
  • المضارع التام (Present Perfect)
  • Present Perfect Quiz
  • الماضي التام (Past Perfect)
  • Past Perfect Quiz
  • Going to & Will

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