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This is a short training which spotlights English tenses in few minutes and some English basics which certaintly help you improve your writing skills.


ما سوف تتعلم؟

  • First part of the training deals with tenses and their four aspects.
  • 1-Present
  • 2-Past
  • 3-Future
  • Second part of the training spotlights some English basics that help us in writing articles, essays etc....
  • 1- Other, others ,another and the Emphatic do
  • 2- Independent clauses : but , or , so , and , yet
  • 3- A-Correlative conjunctions : both only/ not only/but also/either or/neither nor
  • B- comparative and superlative forms of adjectives.
  • ! All the lessons with practices and answers.

محتوى الدورة

12tenses divided into three videos. Each video contains 4tenses . I hope you enjoy learning tenses

  • Tenses : 1
  • Tenses : 2
  • Tenses : 3

English basics that help us in writing articles

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