Author name: Mohamad Haydar

Al Mabarrat Association Senior Budget & Financial Officer Dec. 2020 – Dec. 31, 2021 • Overview the master budget preparation by helping in setting up the quantitative and qualitative methods of forecasting especially forecasting of tuition fees and financial aid of students. • Prepare the consolidated budget of schools after the board authorization • Controlling the budget by monitoring its execution by receiving frequent reports from business units that shows the comparison between the performance and the predictions. • Reviewing collection of students’ tuition according to association’s rules and procedures. • arrange with the accountant and the registrar of each school in regard to deferred payments requests • reviewing reconciliation of accounts especially between the schools • working on tuition information management system to prepare different statistical reports • Reviewing financial statements of each school by end of each quarter to assure that they are prepared according to policies and procedures Rabya Group, Jeddah, Saudi Arabia Dec. 2018- Nov. 20 Head of Financial Reporting & Analysis • Work and follow up to achieve vision and objectives of company • Leading the implementation of the master budget by closely working with different departments and cost centers in organization. • conducting preparation of cash flow and trying to maintain liquidity of company • Guide the cost analysis process by defining the cost drivers and provide recommendation to board on the best way to allocate the overhead. • Conducting analysis of the net value of business units by using financial methods like DCF and Altman Z- Score Rabya Group, Jeddah Saudi Arabia Senior Accountant Mar. 2012- Dec. 2018 • Making essential accounting transactions to close the quarter or end of year like depreciation, prepaid, accruals and provisions, ending inventory & difference of exchange. • Reviewing regular accounting entries that prepared by subordinates and make sure they are prepared in according with IFRS (previously to local standards of SOCPA) , and assigned to the relevant accounts, appropriate ledger accounts and correct cost centers • Prepare monthly reconciliation with suppliers, clients and banks. • Prepare up-to date excel sheet of positions of our bank accounts to maintain liquidity in case there are transactions not yet posted or recognized on system • Prepare transactions related to the general ledger accounts and journal vouchers • Help in preparing operating budget of the projects under my responsibility Rabya Group, Jeddah Saudi Arabia Internal Auditor Mar. 2010- Mar. 2012 • Review the reliability and integrity of financial information and the means used to identify, measure, classify and report such information • Oversee the rules and procedures of different departments in the company, managing the risk, preparing audit program and going deeply in the field work to solve the discrepancies. • Raising a quarterly internal audit report to the management that explains objectives and scope of our audit in addition to the findings and recommendation. LEADERSHIP ACTIVITIES Rabya Group, Jeddah, Saudi Arabia • Head of Department 2018-2020 COMPUTER SKILLS & PROGRAMMS Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Power BI and ERP(Epromise) LANGUAGES Mother tongue in Arabic, Fluent in English and Intermediate in French

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