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The Privacy Policy means the set of laws that describe the methods used by us regarding the collection and storage of personal data for users of the Zawaya platform, and the ways in which they are used. All users of the platform should view the items on this page with a kind of care and responsibility, and in the event of any problems or inquiries regarding any of the items, we invite you to contact the site administration by calling us by e-mail or by e-mail. email on the “Contact Us” page.

It is worth noting that registering on the Zawaya platform is tantamount to agreeing to all the terms contained on this page; Therefore, if you do not agree to this policy, please do not register on the platform or cancel the registration.

• It is extremely important for us at Zawaya that we keep your personal information confidential and secure, and any information about you that you provide to us when using our site, such as information you provide when registering for a user account or when entering into transactions via the site, which may include – but not limitation – your name, contact information, gender, date of birth and occupation; Collected with “Personal Information”, any reference to “we” and “us” is a reference to Angles.
• We will use commercially reasonable efforts to keep your personal information secure in accordance with this Privacy Policy.

• This privacy policy applies only to the information we collect through the Zawaya website, hereinafter referred to as the “Site” and it includes all content and pages within the “3corners3.com” website, and does not apply to information we may obtain from you in other ways.
Consent to Transfer of Personal Information:
• Hereby, you consent to Zawaya’s collection, use, disclosure and retention of your personal information, including, but not limited to: the transfer of your personal information between Zawaya and third parties, the affiliates and subsidiaries described in the Privacy Policy this is.

• Any consent relating to the right to transfer information referred to in this paragraph shall be deemed to imply your consent to the transfer of applicable personal information to another jurisdiction, which may result in a different level of privacy protection than in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.
The information we collect and how we use it:

• We collect information, including personal information, when you sign up for a user account, participate in tracks, email us, or participate in our public channels of communication. We also collect certain usage information about learners’ performance and training patterns. In addition, we keep track of information that shows records you have used (such as the pages you visit on our site, when you visit them, the order in which they are visited, which hyperlinks, and other user interface tools) .
We may record the IP address, operating system and browser used by each user,

Based on the IP address, we may be able to determine the user’s Internet service provider and the geographic location of their connection point. We use a variety of Internet analytics tools to collect this information, but some information is collected by cookies, and you should be able to control whether and how your browser accepts cookies; Most browsers provide instructions on how to reset your browser to refuse cookies through the “Help” section of the toolbar, but if you reject “cookies” from our site, many of the features and benefits that our site offers you may not work as they should.
Use and Disclosure to Third Parties:

• We and our training partners who provide routes through the Zawaya website may use, among other things, your information collected from the site (including your personal information). In the event that we share or disclose your personal information to others, we require them to treat your personal information confidentially, and to maintain adequate security to protect the information from loss, misuse, unauthorized use, disclosure, modification or destruction.
• We will disclose and share personal information requested by third parties in order to fulfill the said request when collecting such information, such as:
o Enabling our partner educational institutes to set up, manage and improve courses.

o To assist us and educational institutions in improving the offerings provided by Angles both individually (eg course staff when working with an intern) and collectively, as well as in evaluating the access and use of the site and the impact of Angles on the worldwide training community.
o Track individual and group attendance, progress and completion of electronic courses, and analyze student performance statistics and the method used by the student to train.

o Dissemination of information, other than personal information, collected about Zawaya’s access, use, impact, and performance of trainees.
o send you updates about online products offered by Zawaya or other events, send you notifications about Zawaya products or services, affiliates or select business partners that may be of interest to you, or send you emails about any matters relating to site maintenance or updates

o For scientific research purposes.
o Archive this information or use it in order to communicate with you in the future.
o Maintain and improve the functionality and security of the Site, our software, systems, and network.

We may share the information we collect with training or educational institutions, and this information (including personal information) may be shared with third parties as follows:
• To service providers, or contractors that perform certain services on our behalf or on behalf of the Training Institutions, including processing the information you provide to us on the Site, operating the Site or portions of it, providing or administering courses, or in connection with other aspects of the Zawaya or Partner Institutions services .

• For scientific research purposes (as mentioned earlier), however, we will share your personal information only to the extent necessary to fulfill the purpose stated at the time such information was collected.
• To provide you with opportunities to connect with other users who may have the same interests or training goals, for example: we may recommend specific study partners to you or introduce you to potential trainees or mentors. In such a case, we may use the information we collect about you; To determine who may be interested in contacting you, we will only provide other users with your username, and will not disclose your real name or email address to other users.
• For the purposes of integration with third party services, we may host some content that is not controlled by Zawaya.

In addition to the foregoing, we may share information that we have collected that does not constitute personally identifiable information with the public and with third parties, including, but not limited to: researchers and business partners.
External links:
The Site may contain links to third party websites, such as other content providers and some service providers, but these other websites are not under our control; You therefore understand and agree that we are not responsible for the collection and use of your information by these sites, unless otherwise indicated in this Privacy Policy. We recommend that you be careful when you are directed to a third party site; To review the privacy policies of each website you visit and use.
Privacy Policy Changes:

Please note that we review this Privacy Policy periodically and may make changes to it. When we make any changes, the Privacy Policy link will contain a “Recent revision (with date)” sign; This means that you should review the new terms which are effective immediately upon posting the new policy on this page with a new effective date. This reference will remain posted alongside the Privacy Policy link for at least ten (10) days after updates have been made. Your access to the Site after making any changes constitutes your acceptance of the revised Privacy Policy and any changes thereto. If you receive notification of modifications, be sure to visit this page periodically to ensure you are aware of the most recent version of the Privacy Policy.

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